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The 1999 Pan Am Games site for squash, the squash program at the Winnipeg Winter Club focuses on fun, fitness and competitive play for everyone from beginners to the top players in Manitoba. There are leagues and open court times available on our three international singles courts as well as our doubles court.

Our junior programs offer something for everyone from beginner to intermediate and advanced. From our munchkin aged groups to our teen squash, we have something for all ages. Our junior program makes up the majority of the Provincial and Canada Games teams in the Province.

Our professional staff offers private lessons, group lessons, drill sessions and various leagues for singles and doubles.

Looking for someone to play squash with? CLICK HERE and join the WWC Tri-Racquet Facebook group and connect with other WWC members who are looking to play!

Our Goal...

We strive to provide expert coaching for players of all levels. Our goal is to meet member needs through a variety of programs and events. We are committed to the future of our sport by providing a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere.

On the squash, badminton and tennis courts; we ask that you wear non marking shoes. Any shoes that do mark will damage the courts, general rule of thumb- if they have dark soles they will mark. Please ask any of the racquet sports pros if you are unsure. We ask that all those participating in any sport are dressed in the appropriate attire. Please no jeans, cut-offs or muscles shirts.

Junior Programs
We offer programs for all levels and ages of juniors. Our programs include:

Munchkin program:                  4-8 year olds
Beginner/Intermediate:             8-13 year olds
Teen Group:                             13-18 years old
Girls Group:                              10-16 years old
Comp B2 Juniors:                      8-14 years old
Comp B1 Juniors:                      9-14 years old
Comp A Juniors:                        13-18 years old

Adult Programs
Monday House League
Adult Drills
Starter Squash
Club Champs

Camps and Events:
Feb. 3-6                          Manitoba Closed Squash Championships (link)
March. 3-6                                Canadian Mixed Doubles Championships
March. 16-Apr. 25                                                       Club Championships
March. 28-April. 1                                    Spring Break Tri Racquet Camp
April. 7-10                    Wpg City A Championships and Mb Junior Open
July 4-8                                                        Summer Tri Racquet Camp #1
July 11-15                                                    Summer Tri Racquet Camp #2
Aug. 22-26                                                   Summer Tri Racquet Camp #3
Aug. 29-Sept. 2                                          Summer Tri Racquet Camp #4 

What is Squash 57?

Squash57 is an easy, fun and active new sport at the WWC. Considered an easy version of squash, Squash57 is often described as a hybrid of squash and racquetball.

An option of two types of bouncier balls makes the game easier to start and play. The smaller racquetball racquet with large head also helps to ease players into being able to play right away. The game is easier on the body because the retrieving is not nearly as demanding as squash.

Racquets and balls are available to try out the game in the Interior Illusions Squash Centre locker.

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We offer programs for all levels and ages of juniors and adults. There are leagues and open court times available on our three international singles courts as well as our doubles court.

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