Dear Valued WWC Members,

​Restoration Update 

Aquatics Area

  • The large amount of ground sediment that entered the pool water and pool area has been pumped out.
  • Upon analysis of the area the Structural Engineer authorized the draining of the pool.  
  • Once the pool was emptied there was evidence of hairline cracks on the pool base and up the walls in various areas of the pool. We had a lengthy meeting onsite last week with the Structural Engineer to review the area. He has asked for a thorough cleaning of the walls and floor to analyze the cracks, that will be completed in the next few days and then reviewed.  
  • We are concerned about the structural underlay of roof over the deep end. There was no power in this area for 3 days post flood therefore no systems were on in the area to draw out the moisture, so with the area being very humid the walls and roof were dripping moisture.  Holes have been cut  in the banquet floor and banquet kitchen floor above the pool roof to gain access for the Structural Engineer to review, we are awaiting the report. 


  • The restoration bidding process requested by the Insurer was completed and contract awarded last week resulting in immediate deployment of workers to restore the basement area and locker room areas.
  • Boarding has commenced on the drywall and flooring in the basement area. 


WWC Management