Covid Bulletin #70

Dear Valued WWC Members,


We need ALL members to come to the Club to pick up locker contents as we are beginning our massive clean up to all areas and the boxes of locker contents are going to impede the clean up. 
Pick up is from Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm with access through the Pro Shop doors and not the main entrance as only construction personnel are permitted through this door at this time.
If you are unable to come, please ask if someone can pick up your things for you. Please do not wait until the Club re-opens, we really need your cooperation on this!


To provide some clarity to those of you who are asking, please see the link from the Public Health Orders that came into effect at 12:02 a.m. on February 12th.

Snippet of Sections 13 & 14 as they apply to the Winnipeg Winter Club​

13(1)The following indoor sporting or recreational facilities must be closed while these Orders are in effect: (a) hockey and curling rinks; (b) volleyball and basketball courts, except as permitted by subsection (3); (c) indoor soccer fields; (d) squash, racquetball, handball, tennis and badminton courts; (e) archery and rifle ranges; (f) bowling alleys; (g) indoor skateboard parks; (h) indoor driving ranges; (i) martial arts studios; (j) gymnastics clubs; (k) dance studios; (l) swimming pools; (m) climbing centres.

13(2) The indoor sporting and recreational facilities set out in subsection (1) may open for the sole purpose of providing individual instruction if (a) each person receiving instruction is accompanied by an instructor who is solely responsible for providing instruction to that person; (b) the total number of instructors and persons receiving instruction in any area of the facility does not exceed 25% of the usual capacity of that area; and (c) no more than one person for each person receiving instruction is permitted to enter the facility to observe the instruction.

14(1) Gyms, fitness centres and yoga studios may open if the operator (a) limits the number of members of the public to 25% of the usual capacity of the premises; (b) implements measures to ensure that members of the public are reasonably able to maintain a separation of at least two metres from other members of the public; (c) requires all members of the public and staff to wear a mask in the facility at all times; and (d) prevents members of the public from using change rooms for any purpose other than to access washroom facilities.​
So while Manitobans are now allowed back into gyms, unfortunately due to our catastrophic flood on January 26th, we are not able to re-open...yet! ​

Thank you,

WWC Management