Covid bulletin #67

Dear Valued WWC Members,

As the Club still remains closed in compliance with Manitoba’s public health order in response to COVID, the Board has again extended the 33% reduction in membership fees for the month of February.
As a private, member-owned Club, we are unique from commercial, for-profit fitness facilities. We maintain a comparatively very small number of members who receive unprecedented access to a multitude of sport, recreation and fitness activities all under one roof.  All funds collected go directly to the operation of the Club, enhancing its facilities and services, for the enjoyment of all members.
 Through a combination of extraordinary management and leveraging any available government subsidies, we have thus far been able to reduce members’ fees by 33% during closure, while still having to pay the mortgage, hydro, insurance, property taxes and all other operating expenses.  As your volunteer Board of the WWC, we have tried our best to be sensitive to the personal struggles of some of our fellow members and offer relief where possible.  We have remained conservative, not knowing what the future may hold. 
Regrettably, one such “unknown” materialized last week with the rupture of a major water line into the Club, resulting in major damage to infrastructure (see last Bulletin #63 for details).  Fortunately, the Club has comprehensive property insurance for such occurrences. The repair of the water line on the exterior of the building however is not covered by insurance, so the cost of this essential and emergent repair must be borne directly by the Club.  
Numerous concurrent activities are underway, including mitigation efforts, emergency restoration of utilities, mechanical and electrical systems inspections, and insurance reports.  With respect to moving forward on the issue of fees, our General Manager is currently investigating our Business Interruption Insurance along with the Insurance Adjuster and further details will be forthcoming. 


WWC Board of Governors