Covid bulletin #68

Dear Valued WWC Members,

On Tuesday, January 26th,  there was a large water line break at the Winnipeg Winter Club, resulting in substantive damage as over 250,000 gallons of water entered our basement facility over the course of a few hours. During the next three days it took over 40 vacuum pumper trucks to extract the water. To put this all in perspective - how much water is that? Our pool holds 75,000 gallons!! The majority of the damage sustained is to our mechanical rooms along with all the locker room areas. 

Here is an update on your facility:

  • The WWC is in Emergency Status. That is the official label used by insurance and restoration companies to describe our state of affairs as we have no water, permanent power and heat.
  • Maple Leaf Construction broke ground Monday morning to identify the location of the pipe failure and complete repairs. They have replaced the 4 inch main domestic into our building as it was split at the base entry of our building and are in the process of installing a completely new 6 inch line for our sprinkler system as that line is compromised somewhere from the inside base of our foundation to the valve out front of the building. The major issue is that this line is located under our handicap ramp so excavation and repair of this line is not an option.
  • Winnipeg Building and Decorating are coordinating cleanup and mitigation and have assigned trades to assist.
  • Temporary heat has been restored by way of Herman Nelson heaters and energizing the electric rooftop heaters in fitness and squash with temporary generators.
  • Temporary hydro has also been restored to parts of the building to assist with cleanup and evaluation.
  • Ventilation and air flow has been directed into the swimming pool area to drawdown high levels of humidity and stabilize this area of the building.
  • Electrical,  mechanical and structural engineers have been through the building to complete preliminary assessments of the systems.
  • Boilers, water holding tanks, and hot water tanks require removal and replacement complete .  The mechanical engineer is currently developing specifications for replacement. This room will be stripped back to the walls and rebuilt.
  • The strip out and removal of lower sections of drywall and flooring in the basement level is well underway and all carpet has been removed.
  • Contents are being sorted.  Non restorable contents are being listed documented and will be disposed of directly to the landfill. Salvageable contents will be removed offsite, cleaned and stored during building repairs.
  • All lockers are being evaluated and members contents in the lockers are being removed and tagged. We have completed the men's area and hockey dressing rooms as they were still evaluating the floor in the ladies.   Winter Club Staff is assisting with this process and male members began to pick up their personal belongings on Monday February 8th.
  • We - the WWC, WPG Building, Insurance Adjuster, and a cost consultant are meeting Monday-Wednesday-Friday to review all matters, set up plans etc.
  • The current Code Red restrictions are due to end on February 12th. We have stressed to all involved in this project that if the Government allows our facility to open we need to work together to have this occur. However we would require all life safety systems in place, therefore we need the Fire Suppression system, Electrical systems, Washroom water and hot water to be available as well as being a safe environment for the members to come into.  We do not have a tentative date at this time due to many of the issues above but are working very diligently to get our facility open as soon as feasible. 


WWC Management