Hello WWC Membership!

We are one week into social distancing and things are changing hourly within our province, nation and globe. We will try to support you any way we can. 

If you are not on social media, we want you to get on it.  This is the platform we will be using to share workouts, live and filmed classes, tips, challenges and more!


@Clubwwc – this is our main account. Starting tomorrow you will see regular posts with fitness workouts, pro-tips for badminton, tennis and squash, how to work on certain shots, kids activities and more!

@wwc_fitness – this is our NEWEST account so follow it ASAP!  This page will feature videos, workouts and challenges from our fitness department and our fitness team!  On this page you will be able to access many classes and workouts from our amazing team. 

@wwc_badminton – this account will keep you up to date with the sport, it’s status in Canada and pro tips as well as ways to train at home.  Here is your first tip… LUNGES!


We will be posting videos of classes and workouts on our Facebook Page. 

We have started a FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE called Winnipeg Winter Club Families.  Jessica will be posting ideas for kids at home, fun videos and this is an opportunity for families to see some support from each other!  You will need to request to join and we will approve it.


Twitter is limiting with how much content we can post, so this will just keep you up to date with the sports, and link you to the other pertinent information.  You can follow us at @clubwwc

See you online, stay healthy and practise safe distancing.