WWC COVID-19 Bulletin # 1

March 19, 2020

We know that you have many questions about Club operations including what our staff are doing during this closure. 

Our communication plan is to issue bi-weekly email bulletins until we re-open.  Follow us on social media too, as we will have updates starting next week.

We also appreciate your patience and understanding as many of our team are working from home, and like many of our Members, also managing childcare as schools and daycares are closing.  We are all in this together.

Q – What is taking place inside the Club while it is closed to members?
 Maintenance has a key list of items they will be working on. They will be sanitizing and cleaning all areas, repairing the ladies showers which will include breaking up the floor to gain access to the compromised pipes and then repair them, and completing the annual pool and rink shutdowns. These projects would normally close off member access to these areas.
They will be installing a new floor in a walk in refrigerator in the upstairs kitchen to bring it  back up to code and will be doing many other cosmetic projects throughout the facility to make the WWC an even better place to be once we reopen.

Q – Why do members have to pay dues while the Club is closed?
We are a non-profit Club and due to COVID-19, our revenue streams have been dramatically altered.  We rely on revenue from lessons, food and beverage, programming and outside rentals – this will be lost during the closure.  Our expenses will still continue: hydro, water, gas, mortgage, wages, benefits and more.  The Board and Members have done a lot of work in the last decade to ensure sustainability and viability of our Club.  Being able to return to a vibrant and healthy Club will be more important than ever after this crisis.

Q- What is happening to the WWC Staff?
We care about our staff.  We need these dedicated people to be here for us when the Club resumes normal operations.  Our department heads and maintenance staff are being paid (one reason why we need the charge dues), and most other full time staff who want to be reassigned to other work, if possible, will have options. All who will be working will be following social distance requirements.   A very small number of staff may be laid off and some have indicated that it is their preference during this closure.

Q - When do you think the Club will open?
We are learning about every change this pandemic brings our city at the same time you are.  It is impossible to predict at this stage - the decision to open will be made on the most current advice and recommendations of the Public Health experts.  Until then, we continue planning spring programming with a delayed start.  We are still taking registrations for our spring programming, and pricing and start dates will be adjusted.  No one will be billed for any program until after the Club re-opens. 

Q – Why did we have to close – could we have kept some areas open?
It is very important to note that the decision to close came with a heavy heart, but it was unanimous that we have a social, moral and ethical responsibility to cooperate with the pleadings of the public health experts.  This is for the well-being of our Members, staff, and community.  Hundreds of similar organizations – clubs, gyms, schools, universities, and businesses have done the same.  Since we closed, other Provinces have declared states of emergency and mandated sweeping closures.  The risk is increasing daily, and will continue to rise as it has everywhere else.
You will be hearing from us frequently.  Stay healthy.

Your WWC Board of Directors and Management Team