Winnipeg Winter Club Covid-19 


Covid Bulletin #78

Dear Valued WWC Members,


The Winnipeg Winter Club is inspected on an ongoing basis by Manitoba Public Health to ensure we are complying with Public Health Orders and the proper wearing of masks is part of that inspection. Wearing a mask is a responsibility that we owe to everyone to help keep each other and our families safe in these uncertain times.
According to the Public Health Orders of Manitoba  -
ORDER 15 15(1) Gyms, fitness centres and yoga studios may open if the operator
(c) requires all members of the public and staff to wear a mask in the facility at all times;
This is a public health order and we require everyone to follow the public health order, therefore as a Club policy, rule and regulation, effective immediately,  on a directive from the Winnipeg Winter Club Board of Governors, we will be enforcing this rule. If someone cannot follow the health order then we will refuse admittance to our private club.  The purpose of the mask is to protect other individuals, members and staff.  


ORDER 27 (1) Except as permitted under Order 19, a person who enters or remains in an indoor public place must wear a mask in a manner that covers their mouth, nose and chin without gapping. 
All WWC members MUST abide by the Public Health Order regarding masks.

Infraction/Violation 1 -  If a WWC Member is not properly wearing a mask, a WWC representative (Employee, Professional, Trainer, Coach) will kindly remind the member to ensure the mask is worn as per ORDER 27 (1).

Infraction/Violation 2 -  If a WWC Member refuses or purposely continues to incorrectly wear a mask as per ORDER 27 (1), the WWC Member will be required to leave the facility immediately.

If a WWC Member continues with non-compliance of ORDER 27 (1), the WWC Member will  face a hearing with WWC Board of Governors, and removal of membership privileges indefinitely. 

We appreciate your cooperation,

WWC Management



JUNE 1ST, 2020

Dear Valued WWC Members,

Welcome Back!  

In order to return to the Club, we require you to do 2 things:

1) Read our Covid 19 Member Manual and familiarizing yourself with the Club protocol.

2) Sign your Member Declaration. You can do it online or in person at the front desk on your first visit.


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