Winnipeg Winter Club Covid-19 Member Manual

Dear Valued WWC Members,

Welcome Back!  Congratulations to you and the rest of our province for their diligence in practicing the recommended measures to keep the COVID-19 numbers low in Manitoba.  It is because of this that our Club can open on Monday June 1st, 2020 at 6am.

Winnipeg Winter Club Regular Hours:
Monday to Friday: 6am - 10pm
Saturday/Sunday: 7am-9pm

Summer Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 6am - 10pm
Saturday/Sunday: 8am-4pm
Summer hours will begin Saturday June 13th, 2020

In order to return to the Club, we require you to do 2 things:



The Winnipeg Winter Club is a private, member-owned club that offers a one-of-a-kind combination of sports and amenities in a 100,000+ square foot facility unlike any other in Manitoba. It offers a unique balance of recreation, relaxation and refreshment in the heart of Winnipeg.


WWC is a member-owned sports and social club that provides facilities, programs, and services which enhance our community through physical fitness and social connections.

What's Happening at The Club

Located at 200 River Avenue, the Winnipeg Winter Club is truly a Club where you can be proud to be a member. This is a private athletic club for individuals and families of all ages where you can enjoy a wide variety of programs and facilities in a secure and motivating environment. Social interaction, recreation and lifelong friendships are all found at the Winnipeg Winter Club.
Membership Benefits